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By Nicole Todd | 31 October 2019

This Sunday, 3 November, is International Day Of Prayer. It’s a chance for us to unite globally as one body and one Church as we pray with our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Last year, over 5,700 people united to pray with the persecuted church as they follow Jesus, no matter the cost.

The price of faith continues to rise all over the world. The persecuted church needs your prayers to stand strong in the face of persecution and be the light of Jesus in their communities.

You can make a difference by praying with Christians like Sellam, who lost his nine-year-old son, Kevin, in the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka.

“We are comforted knowing that my son is with God,” said Sellam, “But it still hurts to lose him. What God spoke to me is that we have to prepare to go to Him. We’ll meet Kevin again with God someday.”

When you stand with the persecuted church in prayer through IDOP, you’ll receive free resources to help you pray for specific people all over the world, like Sellam.

There are many things that try to stop us from following Jesus, but we can overcome them, together. That’s why we stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters for IDOP.

Thank you for faithfully praying with the persecuted church each week. We hope that their stories of bold faith in the face of persecution continue to encourage you in your own walk with Jesus.

Pray With The Persecuted Church For IDOP: 

  • Praise God that He is the one who unites Christians globally as one body and one Church, and that He hears all our prayers.
  • Pray that Sellam, and others who lost loved ones in the Sri Lanka attacks will experience God’s comfort and find strength in Him.
  • Pray that even as persecution increases all over the world, Christians will continue to follow Jesus, no matter the cost.

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Pray With The Global Body Of Christ For IDOP

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