India | Pastor Faces Extreme Persecution, But Still Remains

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Image: Pastor Sujit* at a training seminar run by Open Doors' local partners.
5 September 2018

In a village in India Pastor Sujit* led 60 people to Christ. But when he started building a church for them, opposition came.

Hindu extremists (RSS), destroyed his church three times. Each time they came, they beat Sujit. On the last attack, they beat him so badly that the church members had to rush him to hospital.

He made a complaint to the local police, but nothing happened.

After the last attack, he and his wife had a difficult decision to make. “My wife and I had to leave the place I had been serving for the last 15 years. It was heartbreaking.”

Strengthened Through Training

Sujit attended training on surviving persecution, run by Open Doors’ local partners. He says, "After I attended the seminar, I came to know that there are people who pray, support and help persecuted believers like me.”

Sujit still returns to meet with his church members in secret and hopes that one day they will be able to build a church.

"The lonely feeling in my heart also disappeared when I heard about so many people who were suffering with joy for Jesus. I was also able to share these teachings with my church members during my secret visits to my previous village."

Persecution Is Rising

Hindu extremist have publicly stated that they intend to make India free of Christians and Muslims by 2022. As persecution in India increases, our local partners plan to double their impact.

Please Pray:

  • Pray for Pastor Sujit and his family, that God would restore and encourage them.
  • Pray that the Christians in this village remain strong in their faith and survive through the persecution.
  • Pray that the church in India continues to grow, despite rising persecution.

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*Name changed for security

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