India | Violent Persecution Rises

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By Emily Watt | 8 September 2020

India is already the tenth most dangerous place to be a Christian. Yet, even as strict lockdown continues, reports of violence against believers are on the rise.

Cases of violence against Christians are on the rise. From men, women and even young children and babies, persecution follows most of the Christian population.

Recently, two church leaders, Aman* and Suman*, were attacked while conducting a prayer service.

One Open Doors partner reported: “They used thick sticks and showered kicks and blows on both the brothers. Both of them received severe injuries on their head, back and thigh. Aman’s left ear was damaged critically, and treatment isn’t helping him hear any better.

“There was another incident where there was a death in a Christian family. The villagers were opposing the family from doing a Christian funeral service. When the family didn’t stop, some of the villagers kidnapped the elder son of that family and took him into the jungle. They threatened to kill the boy if the family did not stop performing Christian rituals.

“There have also been several incidents where church gatherings and prayer services were disrupted. This is a common practice now; more than 15 to 20 per month. Christians around the country feel threatened. There are some cases when some families retreat from their faith, but most of them still stand up for their faith. Prayer is extremely needed.”

With violence becoming a normal part of Christian life in India, please pray for the church.

Pray For India:

  • Pray for the physical and emotional healing of those affected by violent attacks.
  • Pray persecution won’t discourage believers but convict them to courageously share the love of Jesus.
  • Pray for a radical transformation of the hearts of persecutors.

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