PHILIPPINES | Churches Accused Of Communist Ties

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By Emily Watt | 5 December 2019

Several churches and Christian organisations in the Philippines have been labelled “communist fronts” in a security briefing delivered by the Defence Secretary. The briefing came the same day that religious leaders demonstrated against the silencing of government critics in Manila.

The accusations leave churches and groups at risk of being targeted for attacks or false accusations of inciting rebellion.

An Open Doors persecution researcher said, “Activists and priest, but also church structures, may become the target of drive-by shootings, as is already happening every now and then.

“Investigations into these attacks are patchy at best. This may serve as an encouragement for more attacks with even more impunity.”

One of the groups accused was the Protestant National Council of Churches, which represents 12 million people in the country. The Council has been a vocal critic of the government’s violent tactics in its war against drugs in the country.

Despite the accusations, the council, and the Christians it represents, are determined to follow and share Jesus, no matter the cost.

A spokesperson said, “We will remain resolute in our prophetic witness and service to the people even in the midst of shrinking democratic space and impunity.”

Please continue to pray for the church in the Philippines.

Pray For The Philippines:

  • Praise God that in the face of persecution, the church is showing strength and resilience.
  • Pray that congregations will continue to meet, encouraging one another and bringing God’s glory to the Philippines.
  • Pray that policymakers and political leaders will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Stay updated with the latest news from the persecuted church.

Stay updated with the latest news from the persecuted church.

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