South Asia | Monsoon Season Causes Chaos for Christians

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Image: Floodwaters in Bangladesh.
By Nicole Todd | 22 August 2019

Monsoon rains are taking their toll across South Asia, with hundreds of thousands affected in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar.

Flash floods, landslides, lightning and torrential rain caused by the monsoon in South Asia have led to hundreds losing their lives, while thousands of others have left their homes due to rising waters.

Heavy rainfall has forced the closure of schools and hospitals and contaminated clean water supplies. Many fear there will be an outbreak of water-borne diseases as a result of people drinking dirty water.

An Open Doors local partner in Bangladesh said the monsoon has made life difficult for many believers in this region.

“Around 700 families of believers have been affected,” he said. “Many houses were flooded. Most of them are staying under the open sky. Crops are damaged. There is a drinking water crisis and the communication system is destroyed. People are suffering a lot.”

Some believers have found shelter with relatives, but many have been disowned because of their faith in Jesus and don’t have access to support.

Please pray for all those affected by the monsoon season in South Asia, and especially for Christians who already face significant hardships because of their faith.

For South Asia:

  • Pray those affected by the floods will be able to return to normal life and good health as soon as possible.

  • Pray that in times of great need, the local church will be known for reaching out in love.

  • Pray that believers will find their comfort in God and that those who don’t know Him yet will experience His presence in times of trouble.

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