Iran | Christian Charged For Online Posts

After nearly three weeks in detention, authorities have released Iranian Christian, Ebrahim Firouzi, on bail. His charges of “propaganda against the Islamic Republic” have not been dropped.
By Emily Watt | 9 March 2021

China | A Mother’s Letter To The Authorities

A Chinese Christian has penned an open letter to local authorities after police raided her home.
By Emily Watt | 2 March 2021

Nigeria | Leah Sharibu Still Missing

It has now been three years since Leah Sharibu was kidnapped by Islamic extremist group, Boko Haram. Her parents haven’t heard from her since.
By Emily Watt | 22 February 2021

Myanmar | Social Media Platforms Banned

Several social media platforms have been blocked in Myanmar following the military coup on 1 February.
By Emily Watt | 15 February 2021

China | Bible Distributor On Trial

By Emily Watt | 25 January 2021

Nigeria | Five Christians Executed

By Emily Watt | 12 January 2021

New Year | Prayer For 2021

By Emily Watt | 23 December 2020

North Korea | A North Korean Ministry Update

By Emily Watt | 23 December 2020