China | Churches Converted To Socialist Centres

Several churches across China are being converted into ‘Cultural hubs’ in the hope that Christians with renounce their faith.
By Emily Watt | 25 August 2020

Laos | Police Infiltrate Church

Seven police officers arrived at a local church service. They told believers they were simply observing, but the service quickly turned.
By Emily Watt | 18 August 2020

Nigeria | Over 8,000 Church Members Killed

One church in northeast Nigeria has revealed extremist group, Boko Haram, has taken the lives of 8,370 of its members.
By Emily Watt | 11 August 2020

North Korea | COVID-19 Stops Christians From Escaping

With borders closed and security increased, COVID-19 has made it harder than ever for North Korean refugees to escape.
By Emily Watt | 5 August 2020