India | Four Children Orphaned

Four children under ten years old in India have been left as orphans after their mother died of a throat infection. They had previously been rejected from their extended family and banished from their rural village because of their faith in Jesus.
By Emily Watt | 12 October 2020

China | Government To Regulate All Church Activity

Experts have expressed concern as the Chinese government plan to introduce new laws ensuring tighter restrictions and monitoring of all religious activity.
By Emily Watt | 23 January 2020

PHILIPPINES | Churches Accused Of Communist Ties

Several churches and Christian organisations in the Philippines have been labelled “communist fronts” in a security briefing delivered by the Defence Secretary.
By Emily Watt | 5 December 2019

Central Asia | First Generation Church Growing

This week marks the 30th anniversary of the demise of the Berlin Wall, and the fall of the Soviet Union.
By Nicole Todd | 13 November 2019

Laos | House Church Leader Beaten and Harassed

By Nicole Todd | 5 September 2019

North Korea | Crackdown on Defectors

By Nicole Todd | 23 July 2019