North Korea | Nation Faces Food Crisis

In the face of a severe food crisis, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, has ordered its people to eat less food.
By Emily Watt | 22 November 2021

North Korea | World Leaders Meet While The Country Starves

People living in North Korea are facing a dire situation. As the world focuses on the diplomatic stalemate between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, the...
| 6 March 2019

North Korea | The Most Dangerous Country For Christians In 2019

Yesterday the 2019 World Watch List was released showing the 50 most dangerous countries to follow Jesus in 2019.
| 17 January 2019
Image: Statue of leaders in North Korea

North Korea | A Historical Summit With Little Outcome

Recently, the world had its eyes on the historic summit between two of the most well-known world leaders, Kim Jun-Un and Donald Trump.
| 25 June 2018