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By Emily Watt | 25 January 2021

Christian businessman, Lai Jinqiang, has appeared before court in Shenzhen for allegedly selling illegal audio Bibles.

The audio Bibles are popular across China for their easy use and accessibility online.

However, according to 2018 legislation, audio Bibles may only be distributed through state-approved churches.

“Audio Bible players first appeared in China around 2006 and they became popular especially in the rural house churches,” a secret source told Open Doors.

“(Lai Jinqiang) focused on making audio Bible players for the older Chinese Christians who were not familiar with finding sermons and worship songs on the internet. The scale of production was ramped up and it reached tens of thousands of devices and even more over the years.

“His trial is most likely part of the bigger crackdown movement on the Christian churches, which started seven to eight years ago and has, particularly in the last two years, developed into nationwide repression of Christian activities.

Analysts say the crackdown on Christian activities by Chinese authorities is driven by the fear of the “Christian threat” with close to an estimated 100 million Christians living in China today.

Please continue praying over the Chinese church.

Pray For China: 

  • Pray over the trial of Lai Jinqiang. Pray for God-given wisdom and grace for all involved.
  • Pray more throughout China will hear the Good News despite the government crackdown.
  • Pray Chinese Christians will continue following and sharing Jesus with perseverance and strength.

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