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By Emily Watt | 17 May 2021

Attackers kidnapped four women and killed one person in a recent attack on a church in Nigeria’s south.

The attack on the Baptist church occurred during the morning service. Fulani herdsmen, a Muslim-majority nomadic group, are believed to be behind the attack. They killed one church member, injured another, and abducted four women.

The incident took place only days after armed men stormed the nearby Greenfield university, killing one and abducting 22. The attackers demanded a ransom equal to approximately $2.5 million AUD. They have since killed at least five hostages.

Nigeria has seen an alarming increase of kidnappings since late last year. Between 15 February and 12 March this year, almost 1,100 people across Nigeria have been abducted. In the same month last year, that number was 240.

Schools are a common target. Since December 2020, extremists have kidnapped over 700 students from their schools.

Please pray with all those affected in Nigeria.

Pray For Nigeria

  • Pray for the ongoing safety and protection of the four women still held hostage.
  • Pray that God’s peace will transform even the hardest hearts in Nigeria.
  • In a nation stricken by violence, pray the church will be a place of hope and comfort.

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