Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population866,000
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
LeaderPrime Minister Sheikh Hasina


Bangladesh: A Volatile Power Struggle. 
Bangladesh has been caught in a vicious and violent political cycle since its independence in 1971. It continues to be both a secular and an Islamic country according to the constitution. On top of its internal struggles, Bangladesh faces a serious threat from militant Islam. The Christian minority is vulnerable to both radical Muslims and the government. Violence against Christians has risen sharply with four Christians killed for their faith last year. As well as Islamic groups, families and communities drive persecution. Activities of converts is heavily monitored, especially in rural areas.

Muslims Becoming Christians. 
Most persecution is experienced by converts from Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist backgrounds. Christianity is growing, but openly integrating converts into churches is impossible. Converts are often isolated from their families and gather in hidden groups for fear of attack. They may be forced to leave their homes and villages. Converts also face the threat of divorce and can lose inheritance rights.

Christians Under Siege. 
To privately own or give Christian books is risky. Pastors have been arrested for doing so. Organising Christian weddings, baptisms or funerals can be difficult or impossible. Christian children are forced to study Islam at school and face discrimination from teachers and students. Christian businesses, schools, churches and charities have received death threats to close down. In the last year, three Christian leaders were arrested for distributing. Many Christians have been physically attacked, abducted and sexually assaulted.

Pray for Bangladesh

Pray for Christians caught in the crossfire of political and religious turmoil.

Pray for those converts who have been abused, exiled and isolated, that they find refuge and comfort.

Pray that Christian influence in the political arena may help to bring peace to the nation.