Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population54,800
LeaderSultan Hassanal Bolkiah


Brunei: Pressure From Government, Pressure From Family
Sharia (Islamic) law was introduced in May 2014 and Islam is promoted in all spheres of life. The practice and evangelism of other faiths is discouraged. While the government opposes Christianity, the greatest pressure comes from believers' families. New believers are particularly at risk. Persecution is felt strongly because the country is so small that there is nowhere to run if their faith in Christ is exposed. That is why they choose to remain as secret believers. 

Rising Islamic Conservatism. 
Recent announcements point to a stricter conservatism. The Sultan introduced compulsory Islamic religious studies for all schools. He also announced the successive introduction of Sharia in criminal law, the “Hudud” law. These Muslim laws frequently have repercussions for non Islamic minorities like Christians. 

Local churches are experiencing mounting pressure and registering church buildings is very difficult. Church leaders find it difficult to disciple under these limitations. It is almost impossible to get permission to extend existing churches and importing Christian materials is illegal in Brunei. 

Christian Exodus. 
The Church is slowly growing, mainly due to migrant workers ministering among their own nationals. But due to growing Islamisation, Christians are also leaving the country. Since the introduction of Sharia law, young and well-educated Christians are considering leaving. So too are Christian expatriates. This trend to emigration may increase once the penal law or Hudud is implemented.


Pray for Brunei

Pray for Muslims who turn to Christ and face strict punishment under Sharia law.

Pray for opportunities for Christians to find fellowship and prayer. 

Pray that the trend toward strict Islam reverses and Christians find greater freedom.