Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population57,400
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
LeaderSultan Hassanal Bolkiah


Brunei has an extremely high level of economic wealth, however Christians are treated like second-class citizens. The country is governed by Sharia (Islamic) law. Churches must be registered and are heavily monitored. There are three registered churches that are allowed to display crosses. Other public displays of Christian symbols and the public celebration of Christian holidays (like Christmas) are illegal.


“I want Christian children to have a solid foundation in Christ, and for those who don’t know Him to encounter Him through us.” – Joyce*, school principal from Brunei.

As a school principal, Joyce oversees 30 teachers and 1,500 students. They follow the national curriculum, but through her actions she teaches Christian values like respect and obedience.

Our Work

Currently, Open Doors serves persecuted believers in Brunei by providing them with prayer support, advocacy, raising awareness and supporting local churches as they continue to share the gospel despite increasing pressure.

Pray for Brunei

Pray for believers in Brunei to continue to be bold in their faith and for the church to continue to grow.

Pray that Muslims are curious to know about Jesus and seek Him.


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