Sources of PersecutionCommunist Oppression
Christian Population97,200,000
GovernmentCommunist State
LeaderPresident XI Jinping


China: Social Challenges. 
President Xi Jinping often refers to the ‘Chinese Dream’. This includes prosperity and shaping a Chinese century. But the overarching aim is to preserve Communist rule by maintaining social order. All forces that threaten this ‘dream’ are fought against. In the course of a year, around 100,000 demonstrations and protests occur in China. The authorities regard Christianity as a powerful social force and are determined to bring it under control. 

More Christians Than Communists. 
China is a complex and diverse country. Christianity has boomed since the 1980s and is still growing. Christians well outnumber members of the Chinese Communist Party. The church faces many challenges. These include a lack of trained leaders, increasing materialism and urbanisation. The government’s growing emphasis on traditional Confucian values is also affecting the church. Christians can be seen as following non-traditional values and may be monitored with suspicion. Many pastors are still imprisoned. Christians with a Muslim or Tibetan Buddhist background face additional persecution.

A Complex Patchwork Of Churches. 
The government has unsuccessfully tried to control the number and nature of churches, resulting in two types. One is the registered churches, that will compromise for the states interests, and the second is the unregistered churches that are deemed illegal. 
Life for Christians from an Islamic background in the Muslim minority state of Xinjiang is extremely difficult. Growing Islamic extremism has led to increased government control. Pressure and violence is also increasing in Tibet. Christians within these groups face strong opposition from the government, their family and communities. They are often isolated and lack fellowship.

Pray for China

Pray that Chinese churches will find resources and biblical leadership to support the growing numbers.

Pray that Christians from a Muslim and Tibetan background will find comfort and strength in fellowship.

Pray that Communist authorities recognise and embrace the value of their Christian population.