RegionLatin America
Sources of PersecutionOrganised Corruption
Christian Population46,955,000
GovernmentPresidential Republic
LeaderPresident Iván Duque Márquez


Colombia has a long history of organised crime and corruption. It’s one of the biggest issues in the country. An increase in new armed groups and the growth of illegal crops has kept the level of violence high. Various criminal groups take control villages and place difficult restrictions on churches. Christian leaders have also been abducted and some murdered as intolerance for Christianity in Colombia has increased.

There’s pressure from society to remove Christian values from the political sphere. Anti-Christian values are becoming accepted. The LGBTI community is calling for same-sex marriage and adoption, and laws are being promoted relating to child euthanasia.

Colombian church leaders continue to care for vulnerable members of society and play an active role in bringing peace to their nation wherever possible.


“We prepare children so that they think beyond money and comforts. We prepare them so that they can help their communities, always reflecting the love of God in everything they do.” – Jose* from Colombia.

For almost 20 years, Open Doors has run a children’s centre that protects and educates children of the persecuted church and gives them a solid foundation in Jesus.

Our Work

Open Doors supports Christians in Colombia by providing them with Christian education for indigenous children and emergency relief for persecuted believers. We also develop and distribute biblical training materials.

Pray for Colombia

Pray for children receiving support and education at the children’s centre to grow in their faith.

Pray for strength and protection for Christian leaders as they withstand persecution and changing cultural values.

Pray that the church in Colombia would remain strong and share the gospel, even with their persecutors.


Image: A Colombian church that had threats written on its walls.

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