RegionLatin America
Sources of PersecutionOrganised Corruption
Christian Population46,657,000
GovernmentPresidential Republic
LeaderPresident Juan Manuel Santos


Colombia: Almost Different States.
While Colombia has a functioning government, not all areas are under its control. In parts of the country where the government has power general freedoms are observed. Here the church enjoys a large majority and freedom. In areas controlled by rebels or overseen by indigenous groups, the opposite is true. In indigenous areas the rule of law is determined by ancestral traditions. In areas controlled by guerrilla fighters, it is almost run like a dictatorship.

Seeking An End To The Conflict.
Colombia has for many years been embroiled in a war between the state and different armed groups. Cocaine is one of the country’s largest exports. This war has now displaced over 6 million people, the second highest of any country in the world. In 2016 it appeared the government had struck a deal with the largest rebel group FARC. But this was voted down in a referendum. Negotiations to bring peace with all groups are continuing. Christians who speak against violence or drugs often find themselves targets.

Christians Kidnapped. 
Christians have often been the most outspoken about not participating in the drug trade. As a result many have been killed. Violent guerrilla groups kill anyone who oppose them and use intimidation of government officials to get their way. Christians have also found themselves intimidated by these groups. Children of church leaders have been threatened and kidnapped. Indigenous groups have also been known to either expel Christians from their areas or kill them. This is done often with the intension of protecting their ancient cultures.

Pray for Colombia

Pray for God to provide a road to peace that will accommodate all parties.

Pray for Christians to be a blessing in whatever community they live.

Pray for God to reveal Himself to criminals and guerrilla fighters.