Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population4,200
GovernmentFederal Republic
LeaderPresident Azali Assoumani


Comoros: The Church Begins To Reach Out.
In the past fear has kept believers from sharing the Gospel. Churches were swiftly shut down if seen sharing their faith amongst the people. But in recent years the local church in Comoros has begun to reach out to non-believers. This has its challenges as the government restricts Christians from evangelising. Many are forced to gather in secret, opening up their homes and risking their lives. It is dangerous to worship publicly or build churches. Owning a Bible is also unsafe – let alone distributing them. Foreign Christians have to be careful when visiting and even risk deportation. This brings new kinds of challenges to those wanting to grow the Church.

Cause For Concern. 
There is an increased presence of Islamic extremists in Comoros. Many government officials and religious leaders share their vision of wiping out opposing religions. Young radicalised Muslims in particular have become a cause for concern.

From a young age, going to school in Comoros means being taught the ways of Islam. Private schools are too expensive so many end up in institutions called ‘Madrassas’. From the age of 3, children are forced to memorize the Quran. This makes it nearly impossible for Christian parents to raise their children in the ways of God.

Fighting Paranoia. 
The country's history of violence has left the nation poverty stricken. The lack of jobs and increase in extreme Muslim leaders also puts young people at risk of being recruited by extremist groups. Multiple coups over the past years have also taken their toll on government officials. Most remain paranoid and resolve to maintain control of religious groups. Christians are expected to endure more persecution in the coming days and face daily pressures to renounce their faith. Open Doors is working with local partners to prepare believers for this. They are working to provide business and leadership skills for people across the country to remain and continue to grow the Church.

Pray for Comoros

Pray for Christian parents as they raise their children in the truth of God’s word

Pray for house churches to thrive in Comoros. Pray that believers are protected and can evangelise freely. 

Pray for political leaders to exercise wisdom and mercy when dealing with believers. And that these leaders may come to know God – using their influence to change the nation for God's glory.