RegionMiddle East
Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population800,000
GovernmentTheocratic Republic
LeaderSupreme Leader Sayyed Ali Hoseini Khamenei


Iran: A Crime Punishable By Death.
Iran is under Sharia (Islamic) law and the decision to follow Jesus is punishable by death. New believers worship in secret and many risk losing their family, job, and inheritance. Despite this, the church in Iran is one of the fastest growing churches in the world. Even children of political and Muslim leaders are coming to Christ.

Christianity - A Dangerous Western Influence
Iranians have limited access to the media. Any site promoting Christian evangelism is blocked. Being baptised and sharing the gospel with a Muslim is forbidden. Christians are treated as second class citizens and face imprisonment, physical abuse, and discrimination for the gospel. The children of new believers are automatically registered as Muslims at birth.

Families can pay to have their Christian relatives released from prison, but the price is so high that they can be forced to hand over the title deeds to their homes and businesses just to afford bail. The government does this to force Christians into poverty and encourage them to leave the country.

Your help makes a difference for Christians in the Persian speaking world by:

  • Providing Bibles and Christian literature.

  • Discipleship and trauma training.

  • Supporting Christian multimedia projects for the region.
  • Advocacy and awareness of what Christians are facing because of their faith.

“I was always looking for love. I didn’t find it in my family, I didn’t find it in society. And I especially didn’t find it in my Islamic religion. I was so thirsty for love. So when I heard about Jesus and his grace and love, I just knew immediately… this is it, this is what I have been looking for.” – Iman*, Iranian Believer (*name changed for security reasons)

Pray for Iran

Pray for imprisoned Christians to show love towards prison guards and their inmates. May it lead them to Christ. 

Pray for the law will allow freedom of religion for all. 

Pray for Muslim families to value love over the shame it brings when family members convert to Christianity.


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