RegionMiddle East
Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population800,000
GovernmentTheocratic Republic
LeaderSupreme Leader Sayyed Ali Hoseini Khamenei


Iran: The Gospel Spreads. 
The message of Jesus is spreading throughout Iran. There are more Muslims converting to Christianity today than ever before. The Media has played a big part in reaching non-believers. Because of this, Christian websites and broadcasting channels have been blocked – especially those that focus on evangelising.

In churches, all Farsi speaking services are banned or shut down to prevent the Gospel from spreading. Leaving Islam to become a Christian is seen as shameful and many are rejected by their own families. Converting means the death penalty for Muslim men, and imprisonment for women. Persecution continues to rise in Iran as many are locked away for their faith.

God And Country. 
Most people who live in Iran are Muslims. Islam is closely intertwined with their national identity. Christianity is seen as a threat to their way of life and evangelising is against the law. Tensions have begun to rise due to the number of recent converts. Even children of political leaders have left Islam to become followers of Jesus.

Life for believers is difficult and many struggle to sustain businesses of their own. In an attempt to crack down on Christianity, believers are falsely imprisoned. If they are arrested, many mortgage off their businesses to pay bail – which can cost up to $200,000. This is the only alternative to prison where many don’t have access to health care, and are mentally and physically abused.

Equipping New Believers. 
In Iran Open Doors supports local partners who train and disciple all of these new believers. Bibles continue to be distributed in order to equip the church in the face on oncoming persecution. Multimedia initiatives are being put in place to share the gospel across the nation.

“I was always looking for love. I didn’t find it in my family, I didn’t find it in society. And I especially didn’t find it in my Islamic religion. I was so thirsty for love. So when I heard about Jesus and his grace and love, I just knew immediately… this is it, this is what I have been looking for.” – Iman*, Iranian Believer (*name changed for security reasons)

Pray for Iran

Pray that Christian media will be equipped to spread the Gospel across Iran.

Pray that those imprisoned for their faith will be protected and experience close fellowship with God.

Pray that church services will be able to operate freely and for sermons and religious material to be translated into Farsi.