Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population39,742,900
GovernmentPresidential Republic
LeaderPresident Uhuru Kenyatta


Kenya: Persecution On The Rise. 
In Kenya around 82% of the population are Christians. Despite being the majority, persecution has increased. Believers face oppression and mistreatment from Al-Shabaab - an Islamic extremist group that has been growing in Kenya’s north and along the coast. In these areas many Christians are forced to close their churches and flee their homes. Hate fuelled attacks have already killed hundreds of believers.
Everyday privileges are also taken away. People who convert to Christianity are no longer allowed to be publicly buried, are pressured into forced marriages and their children are regularly harassed. Persecution in Kenya has grown worse over the past 3 years and looks like it will continue to increase.

Politics And Power. 
Islamic extremism has greatly influenced the political situation in Kenya. Christians are now seen as useless in Kenya's political landscape. Many politicians are planning to get rid of all Christians in government. This makes the upcoming election very important for believers. But voting is often rigged, meaning the situation is likely to deteriorate for believers.

Families At Risk. 
Kenyan law allows men to engage in polygamy - meaning they can have more than one wife. For those married to non-believers, this can affect their relationships. Since polygamy is not accepted in Christian communities, many of these marriages end in divorce. This law threatens peoples' ability to have a godly marriage.
Families continue to struggle due to Kenya's high levels of unemployment and poverty. Their children find it hard to get an education and jobs are scarce. This makes young people easy targets for extremist groups.

"Pray for the Christians in Kenya, for strength and courage to press on in the Lord, not to fear threats or even death, but rather be encouraged and continue ministering and preaching the gospel. Knowing that there are thousands of brothers and sisters worldwide praying for us encouraged and comforted us and strengthened us to move forward.” – Pastor Jeremiah*, Kenya (*name changed for security purposes)

Pray for Kenya

Pray for voters to have wisdom during the upcoming election. Also for protection for Christians as these elections often have violent repercussions in Kenya.

Pray that Christians can witness to Somali refugees who continue to cross the border.

Pray for renewed faith and endurance for those in the midst of persecution.