Sources of PersecutionCommunist Oppression
Christian Population225,000
GovernmentCommunist State
LeaderPresident Bounnhang Vorachith


In this Communist nation, Christianity is branded as a Western influence. Believers are often seen as a threat to the government and officials use society’s hostile attitude towards Christians to justify monitoring and harassing believers.

Persecution is more common in rural areas and mostly comes from one’s family and community. All gatherings are seen as dangerous by local authorities, and must first receive approval from the government. For Christians, this means their meetings are often hindered or declared illegal. Some church meetings have to be conducted in secret.

Believers who abandon tribal customs for Christianity are treated as outsiders. They are watched with suspicion and closely monitored. Sometimes new Christians are even expelled from their homes and forced to live in the jungle for months, even years, before relocating to safety.


“If God wants me to die because of His will, I am prepared to lay down my life for Jesus.” – Beun, Christian from Laos.

Beun was imprisoned for five months for sharing the gospel. He was held in a small cell with 21 other people. But his time in prison made his faith stronger. After his release he continued to share the love of Jesus.

“Even when I was arrested, I felt that it was a part of God’s plan,” he said. “I am so happy that Jesus is using me for His sake.”

Our Work

Through local partners, Open Doors runs discipleship programs, leadership training, and provides emergency relief and practical support to persecuted Christians.

Pray for Laos

Pray for Christians in Laos to be bold in sharing their faith, despite the pressure they receive from their government and community.

Pray for new believers to stand strong in Christ and hold fast to His promises.

Pray Christians who have been forced to flee will continue to live faithfully and find comfort and peace in God.

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