Sources of PersecutionCommunist Oppression
Christian Population225,000
GovernmentCommunist State
LeaderPresident Bounnhang Vorachith


Laos: Communist And Anti-Christian.
Laos is one of the last five communist countries in the world. Christianity is seen as a threat. If a Christian won’t deny Jesus and become Buddhist, they experience physical violence and discrimination. Persecution can be so intense; some believers are forced to flee and live in the jungle. 

Growth Despite Opposition.
Half of the Christian population in Laos do not have a Bible translated in their local language. This makes attending church a crucial part of learning the word of God. However, going to church attracts trouble. Many services are monitored and regularly disrupted. Local communities won’t allow churches to be built. House churches are also completely illegal. 

Christian students are forced to attend Buddhist temple rituals. In rural parts of the country, many people also practice tribal rituals. They believe Christianity will anger the spirits and must be eliminated. Despite all of this, the church in Laos is growing.

Your help makes a difference for persecuted Christians in Laos by: 

  • Relief aid and practical support.

  • Providing Christian materials. 

  • Conducting leadership training.

  • Running discipleship programs.

Pray for Laos

Pray for wisdom as Christians share the gospel with Buddhist family members and friends.

Pray Christians can have access to the word of God and be part of their local church.

Pray for children who are discriminated at school for their faith. Pray they understand God’s love and forgiveness.

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