Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population37,900
GovernmentTransitional Government
LeaderChairman and Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj


Libya has been in a civil war since 2011. A lack of law and order has meant organised crime has thrived, making Christians vulnerable to persecution. Islamic extremists brutally attack and kidnap Christians without having to suffer the consequences. Believers who publicly profess their faith or evangelise can also be arrested.

All Libyans are considered to be Muslim and are forbidden from going to church. Those who leave Islam to follow Jesus have to hide their faith, especially from their family. Anyone suspected of becoming a Christian is pressured, often violently, to renounce their faith.

Bibles and other Christian literature are forbidden and there are severe consequences for Christians caught with them. Many believers risk their lives to follow Jesus. Some have to consider fleeing the country due to the hostile attitude towards Christianity.


“All new believers start as isolated believers. They come to Jesus because of dreams or because of Christian television or websites.” - Charley*, Open Doors worker.

Charley, an Open Doors worker for North African countries, witnessed the difficulties that new Christians, in places like Libya, have to face.Normal church life is nearly impossible, yet Libyan believers persist in their faith, despite the cost.

Our Work

Through local partners, Open Doors is supporting the church in Libya by distributing literature, advocacy and prayer, and through programs which provide training and socio-economic development opportunities.

Pray for Libya

Pray for new Christians in Libya, especially those who have converted from Islam as they are isolated from other believers. Pray they will be strengthened and encouraged through the Holy Spirit.

Pray many Libyans would hear the gospel through Christian TV and web broadcasts.

Pray the violence experienced by many in Libya will lead them to seek the comfort and peace of God.

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