Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population2,865,000
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
LeaderPrime Minister Najib Razak


Malaysia: Malaysian And Muslim.
The influence of Sharia (Islamic) law is making life difficult. Converting to Christianity is illegal for Malay Muslims. They can be monitored, harassed and some just disappear. If their new faith is discovered they could be sent to an Islamic purification centre - a camp where they are pressured to deny Jesus.

Discrimination And Indoctrination.
Some Christians from rural tribes, are tricked into converting to Islam. To accept financial help from the government they unknowingly sign a form agreeing to become a Muslim. Their ID card was also changed - a process which cannot be reversed.

Christians are often denied access to water and electricity. Sometimes they have to fulfil more requirements to get an education. Christians also have to pay certain taxes that Muslims are exempt from.

All children are forced to attend Islamic education in state primary schools and nurseries. At university, the indoctrination continues. They have a compulsory Islamic subject.

Pray for Malaysia

Pray for Pastor Raymond who was abducted last year. Pray for comfort for his family.

Pray for secret believers to be able to meet together and find the strength to remain faithful to Jesus. 

Pray Christians from rural tribes don’t convert to Islam for financial support. Pray they can trust in Jesus. 

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