Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population1,000
GovernmentPresidential Republic
LeaderPresident Abdulla Yameen


Maldives: Muslim Or Not Maldivian.
Every Maldivian must be a Muslim. Anyone who leaves Islam loses their citizenship. Converting to Christianity is illegal and gathering as a church is virtually impossible. There is no religious freedom in the Maldives, or a completed Bible in the local language. Because of the pressure, many Christians flee the country.

No Freedom For Christians.
Any foreigners living in the Maldives can only practise their faith in private. They’re strictly monitored. The government fears they will share the gospel with locals. 

If anyone converts to Christianity, they are forced to read the Bible in secret. Bibles cannot be imported and owning one could result in imprisonment. A Christian’s freedom of speech is also restricted and they can go to prison for saying anything that doesn’t align with Islam. 

Christmas celebrations are banned. Christian weddings or funerals have to take place in secret. If someone’s faith is discovered they could lose custody of their children, their inheritance and be cut off from their families.

“I could not talk about Jesus freely to others. If they report me, I will lose my job. They can deport me or charge me for bearing false witness. I know a friend who was caught sharing the gospel. Before they deported him, they kept him in prison for a year.” – Expatriate Believer, Maldives

Pray for Maldives

Pray for God to help secret believers in the Maldives find one another for fellowship and encouragement.

Pray for Christians to find creative ways to read the Bible, despite it being banned.

Pray for the many Maldivians who want to leave because of their lack of freedom. Pray that they will find true freedom in Jesus.

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