Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population448,600
GovernmentSemi-Presidential Republic
LeaderPresident Ibrahim Boubacar Keita


Mali: Church Nearly Impossible. 
Islamic extremism threatens Christian life and attending church can be difficult. In the north, going to a Sunday service isn’t even possible. Only 5% of the population are Christians and many believers have left the country. Most Christians are too scared to return. Their homes are often taken and occupied by others.

New Christians who come from a Muslim background are often targets for violent attacks and discrimination. With Muslim families living in such close quarters, keeping their faith hidden is almost impossible. Some girls are forced to marry Muslim men in attempts to make them deny their faith in Jesus.

A Peace Treaty. 
Islamic extremists in the north forced people to live by strict Islamic laws. Those who didn’t abide by them suffered the consequences. Churches were burnt down and other Christian buildings were destroyed. A peace deal was finally struck between the government and the extremists. But many Christian families still live in exile. The situation is delicate and there is a fear that these groups still aim to exterminate Christianity. It will take a long time for Christians to return to Mali.

Serving The Vulnerable Church. 
During a time when the church isn’t as strong as it used to be, Open Doors is partnering with local believers to see them equipped and ready to rebuild. Pastors are being training and given Bibles to distribute to their congregations.

Through partnerships on the ground Open Doors is able to raise awareness about persecution for new believers. They are working on economically empowering the community and supporting persecuted families.


Pray for Mali

Pray for those persecuting Christians. That their hearts may be softened and Christians will be bold enough to share the gospel with them.

Pray for protection over churches and families in the north of Mali where the Islamic State still has influence.

Pray for those who have left their nation. Pray for protection if they choose to return.