Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population425,000
GovernmentSemi-Presidential Republic
LeaderPresident Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta


Mali is predominantly Muslim and one of the least developed countries in the world. Most Christians live in the south of the country and many face increasing pressure due to the threat of Islamic extremist groups, like al-Qaeda, from the north. Threats of attacks and kidnapping are common; feelings of insecurity and anxiety even more so. Missionaries constantly risk abduction.

Muslims who convert to Christianity struggle to live out their faith. They often have to keep it a secret from their families. Living conditions mean that acts of private worship are easily detected, and refusing to take part in Islamic rites could lead to persecution. The extended families of a Christian convert are likely to pressure them to deny Jesus. They fear that if their family contains a Christian, they will be excluded from the wider community.


“I started to face serious problems when the Islamists heard about me and the conversion of some of the people [from Islam to Christianity].” – Sory* from Mali.

Sory was threatened by Islamic extremists when they heard about his ministry in central Mali. Forced to flee, and without time to even put shoes on, Sory’s feet were full of thorns and he was badly injured. Though he returned, his family were traumatised by the events.

Our Work

Through local partners and churches, we are training pastors, providing support and discipleship training to marginalised believers, and facilitating literacy training and economic empowerment.

Pray for Mali

Pray for Christians like Sory, and his family, as they continue sharing the gospel despite the cost.

Pray that terrorist attacks will not instil fear but will drive more Muslims to want to know the love of Christ.

Pray that Christians and families who are excluded from communities because of faith will find comfort in God.

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