Sources of PersecutionReligious Nationalism
Christian Population4,369,000
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
LeaderPresident Htin Kyaw


Myanmar: War And Religion.
Myanmar is in the midst of the world’s longest-running civil war (1948-present). Christians are targeted by Buddhist extremists and the military. More than 100,000 Christians live in Internally Displaced Person camps and are denied access to aid, food, water and medicine. Buddhist monks even raid churches and build shrines inside.

Hard Pressed On Both Sides.
In school, students have to recite Buddhist teaching. Christian children are either indoctrinated or discriminated. They live a life of poverty, discrimination and oppression. They’re bullied at school and never receive the same opportunities.

The military continues to kill Christians. They’ve also driven out the Muslim minority group called the Rohingya. Christian converts in this group not only face persecution from the military, but also from their Muslim families. 

In Myanmar, you must get approval to change religion. The paperwork takes 3-6 months. The Muslim community uses this time as an opportunity to pressure someone to withdraw their papers and return to Islam.

Your help makes a difference for persecuted Christians in Myanmar by:

  • Distributing literature and running discipleship programs.

  • Pastoral and leadership training. 

  • Livelihood support, family and marriage enrichment programs.

  • Persecution preparedness.

Pray for Myanmar

Pray for Christians to be able to help rebuild the country and see an end to the civil war. 

Pray for the church to reach Buddhists with the gospel whilst conversion is still allowed. 

Pray for the church to help suffering Muslim Rohingya’s and bring them to Christ.


Myanmar | Persecuted Before Birth

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21 November 2018
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