Sources of PersecutionReligious Nationalism
Christian Population4,342,000
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
LeaderPresident Win Myint


Buddhism is the dominant religion in Myanmar. Many Buddhist groups pressure minorities, such as Muslims and Christians, to leave the country to keep Myanmar ‘pure’. Thousands of Christians have also been displaced due to civil war.

Most Christians are extremely poor, especially in rural areas. They can get stuck in the cycle of poverty due to ethnic and religious discrimination. They are denied education and employment opportunities. In some Buddhist-dominated communities, Christians are excluded from communal decisions and resources. Some are even unable to access water. Christians can be harassed, threatened, and forced to leave their homes.

Churches are monitored and church leaders are targeted by extremists in order to stop the church from growing. In September 2018, a Communist paramilitary group closed more than 60 churches and detained over 100 church leaders.


“At first, I was angry with my mother, but later on I realised that even Jesus himself was beaten to save us. Jesus suffered a lot. When He was persecuted, He suffered a lot. I forgive my mother. I will not stop going to church.” - Hannah from Myanmar.

After becoming a Christian Hannah* turned away from her family’s Buddhist values. For two years, her mother beat her for following Jesus. This, however, only strengthened Hannah’s faith.

Our Work

In Myanmar, we are partnering with the local church to strengthen church leaders and help parents provide for their families. Open Doors provides practical support to persecuted believers so they can continue to share the gospel.

Pray for Myanmar

Pray with the church in Myanmar as they continue to be the light of Christ in their communities.

Pray that those in poverty can find contentment in Jesus, and that their lives will be a powerful witness to their families and community.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will change the hearts of extremist groups in Myanmar and bring them to know Jesus.


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21 November 2018
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