RegionMiddle East
Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population204,000
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
LeaderSultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said


Oman: Tolerant But On The Peninsula. 
Like all countries on the Arabian Peninsula Islam runs deep in the culture of the country. Most Omanis follow the conservative Ibadi sect of Islam. Oman is one of the few countries where Islam is state religion but conversion is not a crime. Yet there are other consequences, especially within families and private life. Foreign Christians are allowed to worship discreetly in private homes or work compounds. Christian meetings are closely monitored to record any political messages and the attendance of any locals.

Dangers Across The Border. 
Oman is surrounded by countries with severe persecution of Christians and networks of Islamic militant groups. One of the greatest threats is Yemen. If the problems in Yemen are not solved, it might have an impact on Oman, with radical militants crossing the border. 

Opportunities For Christians. 
There are some churches throughout the country. There is also a church made from expatriates from other countries in the Peninsula. This freedom is rare in the Arabian Peninsula, with services even running in Arabic. Though Christians must be discreet, and the spiritual climate is dry, hard ground, there is opportunity for the church to grow in this country. 

Pray for Oman

Pray for the next ruler of the Sultan to have the same desire for religious tolerance and peace. 

Praise God for the churches and opportunities in Oman that are so rare on the Arabian Peninsula. 

Pray that fighting in Yemen would not spill over into Oman.