Palestinian Territories

RegionMiddle East
Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population46,600
GovernmentContested Republic
LeaderPresident Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Territories

Christians have lived in the Palestinian Territories (referring to the separate regions of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank) since the first century AD. They now only make up 1% of the population. Traditional churches are hesitant to accept new Christians who have left Islam to follow Jesus, as it could upset the Islamic community. The struggling economy and the fear of Islamic extremism has caused many Christians to leave the Palestinian Territories.

In Gaza, unemployment (especially for young people) is high. There’s only electricity a couple of hours a day. According to some Palestinian Christians, if the current situation continues, there will be no more Christians in one generation’s time.


“Christians can make a difference; they keep the community more tolerant, more diverse, and prevent it from radicalising. So, we really are the light and the salt.” – Saed from Palestine.

As a child, Saed came to faith after reading a Bible that had been torn and left in the dirt. Through Open Doors support, Saed now encourages isolated believers in the Palestinian Territories, especially teenagers and young adults.

Our Work

Open Doors works with the local church and local partners in the Palestinian Territories. We provide biblical training and counselling to believers, deliver Bibles, support the church through socio-economic development and relief work, and provide safe houses and legal support to persecuted Christians.

Pray for Palestinian Territories

Pray for isolated believers to stand firm in faith as they share the gospel.

Pray for jobs so Christians can stay in the Palestinian Territories.

Pray new believers from a Muslim background find a community to support and disciple them.

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