Saudi Arabia

RegionMiddle East
Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population1,406,000
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
LeaderKing and Prime Minister Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Birthplace Of Islam.
Saudi Arabia is home to Mecca, the birthplace of Islam. The only church buildings in the country are in ruins and there is no religious freedom. Converting to Christianity is the biggest sin a Muslim can commit. It is punishable by death. There is high pressure from the family, with new believers risking honour killings if their faith is discovered. 

A Struggling Church Or Revival?
Both evangelising and importing Arabic Bibles are illegal, punishable by imprisonment or deportation. This makes it very hard for the church to grow. Those who leave Islam to follow Jesus often lose their jobs, custody of their children and are forced to flee the country. 

Secret believers can’t worship with the opposite gender or celebrate Christian weddings. If they refuse to convert to Islam, Christian maids can face sexual assault. Christian migrant workers living in labour camps experience violence and harassment daily.

Despite this, God is revealing himself to many Muslims in their dreams. The number of Saudis becoming Christians is increasing. 

A Saudi who recently found Christ was baptised abroad and now lives as a secret believer in Saudi Arabia. “Already for many years I had doubts when I was reading the Quran. But after starting to read the Bible and discovering Christ, it suddenly all makes sense. I believe now that Jesus is my Saviour and my God. He died for my sins at the cross.” – Mohammed*, Saudi Believer (*name changed for security purposes)

Pray for Saudi Arabia

Pray Christians in Saudi Arabia can grow in their faith through Christian websites and TV programs. 

Pray for believers to find ways to share Jesus with their family members. 

Pray for God to help His children stay faithful to Him, even in a nation where it is so difficult to follow Him.

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