Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population31,739,000
GovernmentPresidential Republic
LeaderPresident John Magufuli


Tanzania: A Struggling Church. 
Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is difficult to own a Bible and Muslim landlords often refuse to let people rent if they wear a cross. Christian aren’t allowed to use public transport or have access to wells. Women are forced to cover their heads (even if they’re not Muslim) and must only eat halal products. Those who convert from Islam can't be baptised, are excluded from their inheritance and are often divorced. This pressure continues until they renounce their faith in Jesus. It is very dangerous to be a Christian in Tanzania.

While a Christian majority, the church is struggling to maintain its influence in society. Many Christians have never been discipled or taught about the Bible. Converts live separately to keep each other safe as Christian’s movements are monitored. Churches need permits from the government to build, preach and worship together. Six buildings were recently burnt down and bombings are not uncommon.

An Islamic State. 
Christians make up 60% of the population. But off the mainland, the surrounding islands are 95% Islamic. Islamic extremism has increased with a group called ‘Uamsho’ on the rise. Their aim is to turn a large part of Tanzania into an Islamic State–leaving no place for Christians. The idea of an Islamic State is growing in popularity.

Sharia Courts Worsen Situation For Christians. 
Last year a draft was written to introduce Sharia Courts across the whole country. . If the draft is used it will make the current situation much worse for Christians. The proposal to introduce Sharia Courts was influenced by Islamic extremists. Christians and pastors were threatened to not speak out, although believers are still vowing to vote against it. It seems that Christians may face increased persecution in the future.  

Pray for Tanzania

Pray for unity amongst believers, especially in regards to political matters. And for a strengthening of the local church.

Pray for the means to rebuild destroyed church buildings.

Pray for protection for believers currently enduring persecution from families or friends.