RegionMiddle East
Sources of PersecutionDictatorial Paranoia
Christian Population171,000
GovernmentPresidential Republic
LeaderPresident Recep Tayyip Erdogan


“We are faced with systematic pressure targeting Protestant churches.” 
– Timur, Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation Chair.

In Turkish society, strong religious nationalism puts pressure on Christians, making it hard for them to proclaim the gospel. Though converting to Christianity is not illegal in Turkey, it is widely considered unacceptable. Christians often feel pressured to stay silent and hide their faith, especially if they have left Islam.

What Does Persecution Look Like?
Authorities target foreign Christians and have deported foreign Christians who are married to Turkish citizens, even if their children also live in Turkey.

Those who convert from Islam face opposition from their family and communities. Some even suffer divorce or disinheritance.

Many Christians do not openly share their faith. They face limited access to state employment and often find it difficult to work in the private sector. Religious affiliations are recorded on identity cards, posing a threat for believers.

Who Is Most Vulnerable To Persecution?
Converts experience greater opposition in rural areas of Turkey. Some move to city areas to experience more freedom. Historical Christian groups like the Armenian and Assyrian churches also face a lot of pressure and hostility in the south-eastern region of Turkey.

Pray for Turkey

Pray that foreign Christians will be granted residency and will bless their communities.

Pray that all converts under pressure for their faith will stand firm and grow in their love for Jesus.

Pray for boldness as believers share their faith.


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