United Arab Emirates

RegionMiddle East
Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population1,220,000
GovernmentFederation of Monarchies
LeaderPresident Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates: Open And Closed. 
A stable and wealthy country with freedoms rare in its region, the UAE appears more open than it is. The official constitution guarantees freedom of religion but has a contradiction. It states religious practices cannot violate established customs, public policy or morals. This creates restrictions and persecution for Christians. Additionally, there is a law that citizens who convert from Islam can be killed for their faith, although this has not been enacted for many years.

Pressure From The Top. 
Christians face high levels of pressure from the government and their neighbours. The community of Christians coming from overseas to work experience limited persecution, while those who convert from Islam are heavily persecuted. Churches are limited in their activities and are subject to pressure at a government level. Less evangelistic churches are shown a greater degree of leniency.

United And Independent. 
The UAE was the joining of seven kingdoms (known as emirates) after independence from the British. It has always been a small country and had issues with neighbouring Iran and Saudi Arabia. Citizens only make up around 15% of the population with most people coming from other countries as workers. As with all countries on the Arabian Peninsula, Islam is an important part of daily life. Groups of foreign workers make up the largest proportion of Christians in the country. 

Pray for United Arab Emirates

Praise God that despite certain laws in place, people are still able to make a decision about their faith.

Pray that Christians would continue to love their neighbours even in persecution.

Pray for communities to be more accepting of Christians.