Sources of PersecutionCommunist Oppression
Christian Population8,368,000
GovernmentCommunist State
LeaderPresident Tran Dai Quang


Vietnam: Still A Communist Country. 
Vietnam is one of five countries in the world still ruled by a Communist government. State founder Ho Chi Minh is revered and all other beliefs are opposed. The government monitors believers, and controls Christian publishing and gathering.
Violence against Christians has increased. In the past year, three Christians were killed and 35 churches were attacked. Pastors and believers were abducted, while others had their land confiscated. Many Christians have been detained, arrested or assaulted and several were forced into hiding because of their faith.

Oppression And Injustice. 
Christian children are taught Communism at school whilst principals have threatened Christian converts with expulsion. Christian students are often told to forget about education, because no one will employ them. Christians have also been denied government benefits and birth certificates.
Local authorities have hired thugs to assault and intimidate Christians. Perpetrators of violence are almost never brought to justice and Christians on trial rarely receive a fair hearing.

Growth On The Fringes. 
New converts from Buddhist, animist or Communist backgrounds face pressure to give up their faith. The government is particularly suspicious of ethnic minorities. There are many Protestant Christians and their numbers are growing.
New converts tend to gather in house churches. Tribal leaders, villagers and families often persecute and exclude them. Married converts may be abandoned and it is common for families to disown, evict and refuse to support converted family members. Christian weddings have been hindered by authorities and in rural areas convert baptisms have to be in secret.

“Before, I was zealous in evangelising, but when persecution happened to me I lacked in zeal. I was encouraged by the scripture: ‘Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but could not kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.’ This encouraged me to go on evangelising.  I need to pray more and live a sanctified life. I don’t want to be selfish anymore. I will care for the lost more.” – Chip*, Vietnamese Believer (*name changed for security purposes)

Pray for Vietnam

Pray for Vietnamese Christians living under Communist oppression.

Pray for those forced underground, into hiding and in detention, that they would know God’s protection and provision.

Pray for the Vietnamese government to become more tolerant and value freedom.