World Watch List 2016


Main Source of Persecution: Islamic Extremism

Church in a Warzone

Syria has been caught in a savage civil war since the Arab Spring in 2011. Christians in Syria are constantly at risk from Islamic extremists including the Islamic State (IS) who hold their capital in the country. While almost the entire country is affected by the conflict, the estimated 1.1 million Christians living in Syria as a minority are particularly vulnerable.

New Testament to Now

Christianity has been in Syria since first century AD and appears prominently in Acts 9, when Paul is blinded on the road to Damascus, the modern day capital. While the church has been in Syria since this time, it has been a minority for many years with Sunni Muslims making up a majority of the population.


The church is now under intense pressure as Islamic Extremists spread terror. Christians are often targeted in attacks as churches are destroyed and Christians taken captive. It is not just Islamic State but also al-Nusra Front, the Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate, and other Islamic Extremist groups who pose the greatest threat to Christians.

Most of the Christians who remain in the country have fled to areas still under the control of the Government. Some Christians remain in active war zones and are constantly at risk.

Please Pray:

  • Pray for the Christians who are displaced and rely on local churches, Open Doors and other international organisations to provide for them.
  • Pray for Syrians who are unable to flee war zones and are at risk from war and Islamic Extremists.
  • Pray for international powers to work together to end the conflict in Syria.