Knot Forgotten

Sharing Jesus’ Love With The Children Of The Persecuted Church

Sharing Jesus’ Love With The Children Of The Persecuted Church

Knot Forgotten

Open Doors aims to share the love of Jesus with children of the persecuted church by creating and delivering hand-crocheted Knot Forgotten toys. A toy brings hope to a child and lets them know they are not forgotten.

These toys bring joy to children who are persecuted for loving Jesus and help local churches to share His love with children who don’t yet know Him. Buy a Bear In A Bag to get started making your first Knot Forgotten toy and join our global maker community!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I send my Knot Forgotten toys?

    Thank you for being a Knot Forgotten maker!

    You can send your hand crocheted toys to our Sydney office:

    Knot Forgotten
    Open Doors Australia
    11/10 Gladstone Rd
    Castle Hill
    NSW Australia 2154

  • How can I buy a Bear In A Bag if I live outside of Australia?

    Please contact if you live outside of Australia and would like to begin your Knot Forgotten Maker journey by purchasing a Bear In A Bag.

  • How often are toys distributed to children?

    Toys are distributed during Open Doors trips with Open Doors Australia teams over the duration of each year. Sometimes we’ll be able to provide photos of the children receiving their toys. Other times our staff hand the toys over to field teams who then take care of the distribution. Border restrictions due to Covid-19 have hampered our ability to send toys as frequently as we would like.

Your donation will bring hope to persecuted Christians.

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