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  • The Gift Of The Gospel

    Blog | 5 December 2018

    Tags: Bible Delivery,Bibles,Gifts Of Hope,Middle East

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  • Bible Delivery In Vietnam

    Blog | 3 April 2018

    The ministry of Open Doors works to give people access to Jesus in some of the most oppressed countries on the planet. We believe one of the best ways we can do that is by providing people with the Word of God.Can you partner with us to help deliver Bible...

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  • 62 Years of Bible Delivery

    Blog | 26 April 2018

    Brother Andrew was a young man when he was enlisted in the Dutch Army. He was seriously wounded in Indonesia and during his time in hospital, he noticed something different about the Christians around him. “One day I asked the nun who came to bathe me...

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  • Youth Bible Study

    Resource Item

     A four-part series on persecution in the Bible and the world.

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  • "Open The Bibles And Burn Them All"

    Blog | 11 April 2018

    In southern India, Hindu extremists mobbed Christians who were transporting Bibles. Just delivering Bibles can be seen as trying to convert people to Christianity, and in several Indian states this is against the law.A video was released in February this...

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  • Hope Looks Like A Bible

    Blog | 15 November 2017

    The word of God has the power to transform the life of any man, woman or child. Brother Andrew, founded Open Doors on the belief that every door is open to go and share the gospel. That is why we continue to deliver the word of God into some of the most d...

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  • Projects & Appeals

    Get Involved

    Support North Korean Christians Following Christ in North Korea can be a death sentence. Ensure the survival of the underground church and help meet the spiritual and practical needs of North Korean Christians....

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  • Bibles in High Demand in Iraq

    Blog | 16 November 2017

    In 2017, your support meant our local partners could distribute more than 50,000 bibles and christian literature to Iraqi Christians. Many Christian families who lived on the Nineveh Plains were forced to flee the Islamic State in 2014 and had to leave be...

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  • House Church By Open Doors

    Persecuted Christians

           Devotionals To Grow Your FaithAs we meet with our households, as a home church or bible study, we want to help you and your community grow with Jesus. Our weekly bible devotional, including a video lesson and discussion qu...

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  • Egypt | The Faith Of A Martyr's Son

    Prayer News

    Marqos and his family lived in a small coastal city in Egypt. One Sunday morning, when Marqos was 17, Islamic extremists dragged his father out of his pharmacy and forced him to kneel in the street.“They put two guns at my father’s head and told him t...

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