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  • Five Reasons to Celebrate 2018

    Blog | 20 December 2018

    At Open Doors, 2018 has been a huge year as we’ve worked together to strengthen the local church in some of the hardest places on the planet to be a Christian. Persecution has increased, but the gospel continues to spread.Here are five ways you made a d...

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  • Knot Forgotten: Strengthening The Children Of The Persecuted Church

    Blog | 15 November 2018

    The cost of following Christ is increasing around the world and children of the persecuted believers are most vulnerable. The church can encourage and strengthen young children by delivering handmade toys through Knot Forgotten.The Children Of The Persecu...

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  • 2019 World Watch List: 1 in 9 Christians Persecuted For Their Faith

    Blog | 16 January 2019

    The 2019 World Watch List has been released. It shows that persecution is increasing around the world, and the 50 most dangerous countries for Christians.“The World Watch List shows that where the gospel is being shared, persecution exists. The reason t...

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  • Wills & Bequests

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    Why Leave A Gift In Your Will?In 2016, Sunita* and Meena* were beaten with bamboo rods by a group of men in India. Sunita fell unconscious. When she awoke, she had no idea if her sister, Meena, was alive or dead. Their only crime was to leave Hinduism, an...

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  • This Is Open Doors Live

    Blog | 31 August 2017

    Open Doors Live left us in awe as hundreds gathered together last Saturday night to hear about the global church. The evening began with worship. Unified voices represented many local churches and denominations all eager to learn more about Christians wh...

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  • South Asia Floods: How the Church Is Responding

    Blog | 14 September 2017

    ... thousand people have lost their lives in the floods sweeping through south Asia. Around a third of Nepal, Bangladesh and some parts of India have been under water since mid-August.In Bangladesh alone, 5.7 million people have been affected by the floods a...

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  • Resources

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    Your Latest Resources Download the latest edition of Frontline Faith Magazine and Prayer Guide. Frontline Faith / Issue 03, 2019 - 3.6 MB pdf...

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  • Podcast: Around The World In Persecution - Episode 20

    Blog | 25 January 2019

    Open Doors LIVE is a monthly podcast from Open Doors Australia hosted by Mike Gore and James Kozina. This podcast brings the persecuted church to life, with each episode containing life changing stories, accurate updates on events and trends in persecut...

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  • Christmas Appeal

    Projects & Appeals

    ... When Persecution Comes"The persecuted church remains one of the most hope-filled stories on the planet. Bahia*, a 22-year-old from India told us, “Don’t be afraid when persecution comes to you. It’s part of Christian life. It’s a privilege to be...

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  • Nepal | Australian Women Deported For Sharing The Gospel

    Prayer News

    Sydney woman Katie Graham was arrested a month ago in the small Nepalese town of Gularia, not far from the border of India.She was evangelising with four Nepalese locals who were also arrested for sharing the gospel. District police found Bibles and Chris...

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