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  • Tajikistan

    Country Profile Page

    Government officials are responsible for most of the persecution in Tajikistan. They raid church meetings, detain Christians and confiscate religious materials. Apart from state-controlled institutions, no religious activities are permitted. All Christia...

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  • 29 Tajikistan

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    2019 WWL 29 Tajikistan — 587 KB PDF file

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  • 22 Tajikistan

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    WWL2018 22 Tajikistan — 207 KB PDF file

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  • Tajikistan | Christian Persecuted By His Family

    Prayer News

    Hakim* recently came to faith in Jesus, coming from a Muslim background. Now he’s experiencing persecution from his Muslim family.He told his mother that he had become a Christian, and what Jesus had done for him. All of his Muslim relatives found out.H...

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  • This Is Open Doors Live

    Blog | 31 August 2017

    Open Doors Live left us in awe as hundreds gathered together last Saturday night to hear about the global church. The evening began with worship. Unified voices represented many local churches and denominations all eager to learn more about Christians wh...

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  • Resources

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    Your Latest Resources Download the latest edition of Frontline Faith Magazine and Prayer Guide. Frontline Faith / Issue 03, 2019 - 3.6 MB pdf...

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  • Rehabilitation Through A Bee Hive

    Blog | 23 August 2018

    In May I spent some time in Central Asia, seeing how your help is advancing the gospel through a Bee Farming project!In this region of the world, the violence of Islamic extremism and the relentless pressure of communism collide to make following Jesus un...

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