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  • Why Christians Have Hope For the Church In Iraq

    Blog | 25 October 2018

    Tags: Iraq,Middle East,Travel

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    Subscribe To The Survival Of The Persecuted Church Your monthly subscription will strengthen the Church, rebuild lives and bring hope to the body of Christ.  ...

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    Your Presence Makes A Difference This is your opportunity to meet persecuted Christians and see the impact you’re making.For over 60 years Open Doors has visited and supported persecuted Christians around the world. Believers tell us that our support...

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  • Hope looks like Pastors on motorbikes

    Blog | 2 November 2017

    Missionaries and pastors travel long distances to share the gospel with the indigenous people in their area. Often having to deal with insults, attacks and thieves along the way.Open Doors recently visited missionaries and pastors in Chad to bring encoura...

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  • Open Doors Live Event: I Infiltrated an Embassy

    Blog | 3 August 2017

    ... in the Middle East, and that’s just the start! He is an Open Doors field worker. This is the story of his first assignment to travel inside the USSR.Between 1960-1980 he went behind

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  • Women Building The Kingdom

    Blog | 7 March 2017

    Celebrating International Women’s Day 8 March 2017At Open Doors we tell stories of the persecuted church. These stories remind us of the cost of following Christ all over the world – the burden, the pressure, and the trials which we can only overcome...

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  • Christians in Egypt hold close to God’s love

    Blog | 19 February 2015

    One of the greatest assurances Christians have, no matter where they live in the world, is that there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. What a wonderful promise. This week, particularly, many Christians in Egypt are holding desperately...

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  • Pakistan | Asia Bibi Arrives In Canada

    Prayer News

    Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who spent eight years on death row, has arrived in Canada and been reunited with her family. She left Pakistan fearing for her safety after successfully appealing her blasphemy conviction.Asia was arrested in 2009 after allege...

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  • How Covid-19 has changed the Church

    Blog | 15 April 2020

    ... their children, alongside all the pressures of holding down a job. Public gatherings have been restricted and all non-essential travel has been banned.Image: A house church gathe

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