North Korea is the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian. Leading the World Watch List for the 16th year in a row, it’s clear that having anything to do with Christianity is impossible without persecution. It’s also one of the most closed off countries on the planet. Many people have never seen what goes on inside it’s borders.

Take a look at 17 photos of daily life in North Korea.

1. Students gather at Mansu Hill Grand Monument for deceased leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il.

North+Korea 2015 100100319

2. Two women stand in China and look out across the Yalu River towards North Korea.

China 2014 0380009421

3. Two young men collect firewood.

North Korea3

4. Women carrying goods in North Korea.

North+Korea 2008 380003697

5. The Arirang mass games is one of the major propaganda pieces and tourist attractions in North Korea. Over 100,000 people perform choreographed gymnastics in the largest stadium in the world, May Day Stadium.

North+Korea 2011 0380104733

6. People are often transported in military trucks. This was taken just outside Wonsan, North Korea.

North+Korea 2011 0380008787

7. Man on a bus between Kaesong and Pyongyang.

North+Korea 2011 0380008580

8. Railway station in Hamhung, North Korea.

North+Korea 2011 0380008806

9. A man loading his ox cart in the fields on Wonsan, North Korea.

North+Korea 2011 0380008958

10. Pyongyang city centre at sunset.

North Korea City Scape


11. Bowing before the statues of deceased leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-Il at the Mansu Hill Grand Monument.

North+Korea 2015 100100190

12. North Korean street children. They are often referred to as the ‘Floating Swallows’.

North+Korea 2012 0360100018

13. Children in an Orphanage in North Korea.

North+Korea 2015 100100300

14. The DMZ or ‘Demilitarised Zone’ between North and South Korea. It is one of the most heavily militarised borders in the world.

North+Korea 2015 0100100337

15. Two female soldiers at the train station.

North+Korea 2015 0100100341

16. Marching soldiers on the road home.

North+Korea 2015 0100100338

17. School boys walk down the street in Pyongyang.

North Korea Children