Sri Lanka’s government has moved to expand the Prevention of Terrorism Act, putting Christian minorities at risk.

Under these regulations, authorities could detain citizens for two years without trial for causing religious, racial or communal disharmony.

A representative from Human Rights Watch said that the regulations give the authorities power to broadly interpret disharmony. They could then detain and ‘rehabilitate’ those who caused feelings of ill will or hostility between different communities.

A Christian in Sri Lanka said that the regulations made the community afraid.

“You can’t even write anything on Facebook. Anything could happen. We don’t feel safe to express ourselves.

“They could lock you up under any pretext.”

Last year, Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister hinted at the possibility of an anti-conversion law. If set in place, those who convert from Buddhism may face harsh penalties and even jailtime.

In this time of uncertainty, please pray over Sri Lanka.

Pray For Sri Lanka: 

  • Pray Sri Lankan authorities would not see Christians as a threat, but rather a blessing. Pray this will be reflected in policymaking.
  • Pray that God will soften the hearts of Sri Lankan leaders and bring many of them to know Him.
  • Pray Christian converts will not be discouraged but will continue seeking the Lord.

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