By Nicole Todd 8 July 2019

When Faith Feels Lost

What happens when faith feels lost? Damaris had only been married to her husband, Jackson, for a week when he was martyred for sharing the gospel.

A group of men, angry at Jackson’s evangelistic ministry, lured him and his friend into a trap. They killed them and set their bodies on fire. Jackson could only be identified by his clothing.

“I’ve never before faced such a difficult situation in my life,” Damaris said. “I could do nothing. I could not even pray. I just existed. I felt God had forsaken me. How could God allow this to happen to me?

Letters From The Church

Damaris felt isolated and alone. During this time, Open Doors was able to visit with letters from people like you who had heard her story.

When Faith Feels Lost DamarisImage: Damaris holding the letters she received.

“[They] came and prayed with me and brought me a card. I realised there were people who were concerned about me: the body of Christ.

“After some time, they came back again with so many letters! People were encouraging me and telling me they were praying for me. People told me, ‘We are praying with you, we are praying for you.’ That started building my faith again. Receiving those letters was the first time I could smile or laugh again. Until then I had felt very gloomy. After this visit, I started praying again. I thought, ‘If people are praying for me, why can’t I?’

“I continued receiving the letters from people all over the world. People sent letters from Germany, Norway, Canada, India… I said, ‘This is God, because these are people I do not know, yet they are so concerned that they would send letters. I felt loved once again. Bitterness started melting away. I thank God for these people.”

“I want to encourage people going through fire to stand firm and serve God, and He will help them to heal others.”

Restoring Faith 

Letters from people like you encouraged Damaris to find solace in God and to continue sharing Him.

“I want to encourage people going through fire to stand firm and serve God, and He will help them to heal others,” said Damaris.

“Sometimes I just say, ‘Thank you, Jesus.’ This loss made me stronger than I used to be. Being healed was not for my sake but to tell others about what God can do with their lives and to encourage them that God is able to heal them.

“I feel that we are in the same family, even if we have not met. Every time I read those letters, tears come to my eyes because they minister to me…

They have kind of motivated me to continue in the faith and continue to serve God even more than I did before.”

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:11