How We’re Still Working In The Middle East

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By Beth Westwood | 16 August 2018

Life is increasingly difficult for Christians living in the Middle East. Conflict continues and millions of people from Iraq and Syria have been forced to flee their homes due to war and persecution. 

For those who have stayed, either by choice or by force, they are left without proper shelter, food or medical supplies needed to survive. 

Support For The Middle East

Give Food, Water, Shelter, Medical Care, Education & More

“Many had to leave in a hurry,” said Pastor Boutros, “so scared that they did not carry anything with them… These are people who have lost everything." 

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Image: Pastor Boutros (center)

“I give glory to God who gave us this privilege to help them. There is no better thing than changing people’s situations. To see people glorifying God in the midst of what men are doing to men.”

Open Doors has served in the Middle East for almost 30 years, committed to serving the persecuted church as per Brother Andrew’s call when he began the ministry in 1955.

Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of my God.”  Revelation 3:2

This project will provide much needed basic services for persecuted Christians in a war-torn country in the Middle East. This includes food, water, clothing, shelter, hygiene, medical care and education. 

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Image: Storage at one of the churches where relief parcels are prepared.

As the war continues, we will remain to ensure these basic needs are met.

Your support helps the local church ensure their community has a hope and a future.

Would You Help Us?

  • $100 could provide a family with a food parcel. 
  • $150 could provide one person with essential medical care.
  • $800 could give a child access to schooling for a year. 

“I thank Open Doors for their presence,” the pastor said. “Bring thanks to your donors from all families who benefited from this help. Carry that message to your churches.”

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Support For The Middle East

Give Food, Water, Shelter, Medical Care, Education & More

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