What’s The Future For The Church In India?

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By Beth Ross | 26 September 2018

In India, Hindu extremists have promised to eradicate Christianity by the end of 2021. Children – the next generation – are most vulnerable. 

Many children are persecuted for their family’s faith. Violent beatings and pressure at school can be regular occurrences.

“With the rise of constant persecution in India... we see a great need for children,” said Sandeep*, our local partner.

India 2014 0430101734
Image: A Sunday school class in India.

“We are trying to establish Sunday schools in churches and to train Sunday school teachers to teach these children the Christian faith story... Because those simple biblical faith stories help children stand strong in times of persecution and difficulty.”

Families Facing Persecution

“The most difficult situation is also for families of the pastors,” said Sandeep.  “We are ministering to them to have a more close, intimate relationship within the family and to keep their family Christ-centred so they grow together in the faith, are able to face all those struggles of persecution and stand with each other.”

India 2018 0320101566
Image: Women in worship during a seminar.

We would like to ask for your help as our local partners work to strengthen persecuted children and families in India, ensuring the future of the church in India. 

Your Gift Will Help 

  Train 2,000 Sunday school teachers.

  Provide them with children’s materials to start their own Sunday schools.

  Run family seminars for 600 Christian families facing persecution. 

You can help share the gospel with the next generation and strengthen families in order to ensure the survival of the Indian church.

*Name changed for security purposes