Sources of PersecutionReligious Nationalism
Christian Population20,000
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
LeaderPrime Minister Tshering Tobgay


Bhutan: A Proud Buddhist Kingdom.
Located between the two powers India and China, Bhutan strives for autonomy and cultural unity. A historic Buddhist kingdom, people are expected to participate in festivals and uphold traditions. All who refuse are met with suspicion. Christianity is seen as a foreign and dangerous religion. No congregation has ever been allowed to build a church. All Christian fellowship remains underground. Christians are monitored and their meetings can be threatened and closed. Most Christians are converts from a Nepali background and lack formal status and recognition. They are discriminated against and live in difficult economic and social circumstances.

Underground Church in Crisis. 
Many Christians have not been issued with an electronic identity card. They therefore cannot access government services like healthcare. They cannot travel, enrol at a school or apply for jobs. This puts immense pressure on the struggling underground church. It faces many critical issues such as disunity, a lack of trained leaders and Christian resources. Immorality and social and family problems are also rife.

Ready To Help. 
Because of regular support, Open Doors is set up to provide immediate aid to believers when they become imprisoned. We distribute Christian literature and run regular discipleship programs to help believers stand firm in their faith when facing persecution. 

Pray for Bhutan

Pray that Christians unrecognised by the government find true fellowship and support in unity.

Pray that the converts being persecuted by their families and communities know God’s love and comfort.

Pray for the government to take responsibility for the welfare and happiness of all its citizens.