Sources of PersecutionReligious Nationalism
Christian Population20,000
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
LeaderPrime Minister Tshering Tobgay


Bhutan: Bhutan & Buddhism.
Bhutan has been a Buddhist nation for centuries. Christians are the minority and are watched with suspicion. Converting to Christianity is forbidden. Distributing the gospel or inviting someone to church can be grounds for arrest. Christians are often denied access to loans and job applications, making everyday life difficult.

Church Gatherings Limited.
Bhutanese authorities oppose anything perceived as ‘foreign’, including Christianity. Christians are monitored by the state and their gatherings are sometimes threatened and closed. 

No congregation has been allowed to build a church or received government recognition. Christians can only meet illegally. Two house-churches were forced to shut down recently after receiving warnings from the authorities to stop meeting together.

In schools, Christian children must follow Buddhist rituals. Christians are also asked to take part in traditional religious festivals in the community. 

Your help makes a difference for persecuted Christians in Bhutan by:

  • Persecution preparedness programs. 

  • Literature distribution. 

  • Biblical training and discipleship.

Pray for Bhutan

Pray for unity in the Bhutanese church in times of persecution. 

Pray for Christian converts to be joyful in the face of pressure to recant their faith. 

Pray for the Lord to turn the hearts of the country’s Buddhists and make them receptive to the gospel.

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