Sources of PersecutionDictatorial Paranoia
Christian Population2,474,000
GovernmentPresidential Regime
LeaderPresident Isaias Afwerki


Known as the ‘North Korea of Africa’, Eritrea is an extremely volatile place for Christians. The government makes daily life difficult. Homes are raided, Bibles confiscated and Christians are forced to disappear. In Islamic regions of Eritrea, converts face persecution from their family members. Believers are imprisoned and tortured so they deny Christ. Despite this, the church continues to remain faithful in the face of persecution.


“I have forgiven those who imprisoned and tortured me. Forgiving one’s persecutors is not easy, but Christ calls us to be merciful and He warned us that following Him and preaching His gospel will bring persecution.” – Habtom*, from Eritrea.

Habtom was imprisoned and tortured for his faith in Eritrea. He was denied medical attention whilst in prison but received healing from God. Habtom says prison transformed his life.

Our Work

Through our local partners, Open Doors has been strengthening the church in Eritrea since the 1990s by providing practical help, raising awareness and providing prayer support.

Pray for Eritrea

Pray that those imprisoned for their faith find peace and comfort in the midst of their situation.

Pray that persecuted Christians would be able to forgive their persecutors.

Pray for unity for the church in Eritrea.

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