RegionCentral Asia
Sources of PersecutionDictatorial Paranoia
Christian Population349,000
GovernmentAuthoritarian Presidential Republic
LeaderPresident Shavkat Mirziyoyev


The church in Uzbekistan faces immense pressure from a paranoid government. A believer can be fined for having a Christian song on their phone. In some areas, it’s even illegal to own a Bible.

Christians are constantly monitored by the authorities. Phones are often tapped and spies try to infiltrate gatherings. House churches are frequently raided and those present can be interrogated, detained and fined. It’s common for Christians to be held by police for up to 15 days.

Christians living in rural villages are often part of close-knit communities. Anyone who leaves Islam is seen as dishonouring the family and community. Instances of physical violence and attacks on Christian-owned businesses are common. If the convert is a man, the entire family may be persecuted.

Despite this, many believers are standing firm in their faith and are continuing to share the gospel.


“Each time persecution strikes, I ask: ‘Why am I still here?’ I wanted to leave my country and hide. But then my wife and I remind ourselves of why we are here: to serve Jesus.” – Pastor Adel* from Uzbekistan.

Adel grew up as a Muslim. In his twenties, he saw The Jesus Film and read the Bible. Adel’s father was furious, but after becoming bankrupt and losing all hope, he also came to Christ. Adel now pastors an underground church. They meet secretly to worship Jesus.

Our Work

We support Central Asian Christians who are in prison, excluded from their family and community, and are in need of jobs. We deliver Bibles, disciple believers, and give micro-loans.

Pray for Uzbekistan

“Each time the police come, I have to make the conscious decision to stay and be a witness.” – Pastor Adel* from Uzbekistan.

Pray for strength for Christians who risk everything to secretly meet together. Pray also for church leaders. Praise God that His Church is reaching out with the gospel and Muslims are coming to Christ.

Pray for Christians who are sharing the gospel in areas where conversion is illegal.


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