RegionCentral Asia
Sources of PersecutionDictatorial Paranoia
Christian Population350,000
GovernmentAuthoritarian Presidential Republic
LeaderPresident Shavkat Mirziyoyev


Uzbekistan: Trapped And Intimidated.
In Uzbekistan, a Christian can be fined just for having Christian songs on their smartphone. Christians are regularly dragged into police stations and intimidated. If their faith is discovered at work, they can be fired on the spot. Even if they want to escape, Christians need an exit visa, which they are rarely granted. 

No New Churches.
In Uzbekistan, churches must register in order to run. For the past 16 years, not a single new church has received registration. Christian gatherings are raided and believers are detained. As punishment for meeting illegally, churches receive hefty fines. It’s also common for Christians to serve short sentences in jail.

Those who leave Islam to follow Jesus usually experience the worst persecution. They’re pressured by the state and their own families to deny their faith. Their conversion is shameful and a sign of dishonour. Neighbours report Christians if they catch them worshipping or reading the Bible at home. Many are placed under house arrest until they give up on God.

Your help makes a difference for persecuted Christians in Central Asia by:

  • Literature distribution.
  • Biblical training. 

  • Social-economic development projects and job training.

  • Women and children’s ministry.

“Jesus says: ‘Go and preach the Gospel’. When I was arrested there were other believers in the interrogation room next to me. The police told me: ‘The others have betrayed you. Now you will end up in jail.’ I started to laugh and I said: ‘Even in prison I will continue to preach. All prisoners have time to listen to the Gospel.’ They said: ‘You are a fool!’ I answered: ‘Yes, I am a fool for Jesus.’ God wants us to become mature in the faith. Only a mature Christian can do courageous things. Through persecution we become mature Christians.” – Uzbek Believer

Pray for Uzbekistan

Pray for God to help Uzbek leaders see that Christians are good and kind.

Pray for believers who are threatened, fined and arrested that they will not stop believing in God.

Pray for Christian women forced to marry against their will. Pray for their unbelieving spouse to find Christ.


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