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60 Years of Ministry

This year marks 60 years serving persecuted Christians. What started with one man and his little blue car, delivering God's word to those with no access, has turned into a global ministry - helping persecuted Christians in over 60 countries worldwide...

What we do 

A Glance at Persecution Worldwide

Roll over the map to the right for an overview of Christian persecution around the world. Click on a country to see more details.

Open Doors works in the most oppressive countries, strengthening persecuted Christians to stand strong and equipping them to shine Christ's light in these dark places.

Open Doors is working in over 60 countries worldwide - supplying Bibles, training Christian leaders, developing Christian communities and raising prayer, presence and advocacy for persecuted Christians.

Learn more about the World Watch List and how Open Doors ranks countries on persecution.

Persecution all over the world
1 (North Korea)2 (Somalia)3 (Iraq)4 (Syria)5 (Afghanistan)6 (Sudan)7 (Iran)8 (Pakistan)9 (Eritrea)10 (Nigeria)11 (Maldives)12 (Saudi Arabia)13 (Libya)14 (Yemen)15 (Uzbekistan)16 (Vietnam)17 (Central African Republic)18 (Qatar)19 (Kenya)20 (Turkmenistan)21 (India)22 (Ethiopia)23 (Egypt)24 (Djibouti)25 (Myanmar)26 (Palestinian Territories)27 (Brunei)28 (Laos)29 (China)30 (Jordan)31 (Bhutan)32 (Comoros)33 (Tanzania)34 (Algeria)35 (Colombia)36 (Tunisia)37 (Malaysia)38 (Mexico)39 (Oman)40 (Mali)41 (Turkey)42 (Kazakhstan)43 (Bangladesh)44 (Sri Lanka)45 (Tajikistan)46 (Azerbaijan)47 (Indonesia)48 (Mauritania)49 (United Arab Emirates)50 (Kuwait)
North Korea (1)
Somalia (2)
Iraq (3)
Syria (4)
Afghanistan (5)
Sudan (6)
Iran (7)
Pakistan (8)
Eritrea (9)
Nigeria (10)
Maldives (11)
Saudi Arabia (12)
Libya (13)
Yemen (14)
Uzbekistan (15)
Vietnam (16)
Central African Republic (17)
Qatar (18)
Kenya (19)
Turkmenistan (20)
India (21)
Ethiopia (22)
Egypt (23)
Djibouti (24)
Myanmar (25)
Palestinian Territories (26)
Brunei (27)
Laos (28)
China (29)
Jordan (30)
Bhutan (31)
Comoros (32)
Tanzania (33)
Algeria (34)
Colombia (35)
Tunisia (36)
Malaysia (37)
Mexico (38)
Oman (39)
Mali (40)
Turkey (41)
Kazakhstan (42)
Bangladesh (43)
Sri Lanka (44)
Tajikistan (45)
Azerbaijan (46)
Indonesia (47)
Mauritania (48)
United Arab Emirates (49)
Kuwait (50)