By Open Doors 28 February 2024 4 MIN

An Update from North Korea

Recently, several North Korean Christians told us how much they appreciate the support the worldwide Church has made possible.

Through its networks in China, Open Doors partners support North Korean Christians with food, medicines, clothing, Christian resources, safe houses, Bible studies, and pastoral care.

According to the World Watch List 2024, North Korea is the most dangerous place in the world to follow Jesus. Every North Korean believer is incredibly vulnerable to extreme levels of pressure and violence for their faith. North Korean citizens experience immense poverty, and any person discovered to be a Christian is immediately sent to a labour camp or killed on the spot.

A Beacon of Hope Amid Troubles

Despite their daily hardships, North Korean believers pass on their gratitude for your continued love and support.

“According to this Scripture, our Lord has poured grace upon grace on the North Korean underground church so that we can remain faithful. This is more precious than our life. I’m so grateful for the blessings we have received. We want to thank God for the lives of the people who have made this possible. We will move forward with responsibility and duty. I believe our future will be bright and abundant if we continue to be faithful and transfer our faith to the next generation.” 

He ends his message with a blessing for Open Doors’ supporters:

“I want to thank you for all the items you’ve given us. I pray that the blessing of the Father be with you, so that all may go well with and be in good health, and that it may go well with your soul.” 

“Thanks to you, we are like a shining pearl buried in the ground.”

“We, North Korean Christians, have to walk the narrow road,” another Christian says. “There are persecution, trials, and other troubles. Some waver. Only those who view themselves in the mirror that is God’s Word and who train their heart can walk this way.” 

The believer says that North Korean Christians can persevere thanks to the help of their foreign brothers and sisters. “We run with strength to the beautiful future, which our Lord has promised us. He gave us the certainty of our salvation. We will get through the difficulties and help each other in unity. Thanks to you, we are like a shining pearl buried in the ground, yet, will never lose its brightness.” 

“Overwhelmed by your love.”

A third Christian starts with, “We pray you are well in the Lord. We praise Him for His amazing grace upon the North Korean believers.” 

He continues, “Thank you for taking care of the North Korean believers. You are so concerned for us and love us so much. I’m happy to report that we are doing well. We are simply overwhelmed by your amazing love. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. All North Korean believers are re-dedicating themselves to support one another.”

Pray for North Korea:

  • Pray for provision to the underground churches in North Korea. 
  • Pray that believers will continue to endure persecution and hardships with strong faith in Christ. 
  • Pray that they can be salt and light in their communities so that many other people can be saved. 

Stay updated with the latest prayer requests from the persecuted church.

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