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Bangladesh | Beaten For Sharing The Gospel

When Gonesh came to faith in Christ, an uncontrollable joy struck him, and he simply couldn’t keep it to himself. He began sharing the gospel with the people in his village – his friends, his neighbours. Gonesh’s predominantly Hindu villagers were not pleased with his faith or boldness in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. They threatened to hurt him if he continued his gospel-sharing endeavours. However, this didn’t stop Gonesh from sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the villagers.

Last month, Gonesh was sharing the gospel with the villagers along with a leader from his church. The morning went well, but when afternoon came, Gonesh found himself surrounded by angry Hindu villagers. The angry villagers began attacking him, hitting him from every side with wood slats, throwing punches and kicks until he was on the ground. Gonesh suffered injuries on all his limbs and face and had to be rushed to emergency care.

Gonesh struggled to speak after the incident because of the injuries on his face. He is currently living in a state of fear and panic due to the threat of impending persecution. Please pray with Gonesh, his family, and other believers facing similar violent attacks.

Pray For Bangladesh:

  • Pray for Gonesh’s healing and his family’s protection.
  • Pray that Gonesh will not lose hope but will find strength in the Lord.
  • Pray that God would lead the perpetrators to the truth and that they would come to know Him.

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