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Secret Believers

Being a part of the underground Church means keeping your faith secret. If discovered, believers face arrest, torture, and even death.

In countries like Afghanistan it has never been more dangerous to follow Jesus than it is right now. Many Christians have fled, and remaining believers have gone into hiding.

Today, you can strengthen secret believers around the world by giving Bibles, discipleship training, and practical help.

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Khada’s secret could cost her life.

She’s trusting you with it…

Khada* carries a dangerous secret, concealing her faith day in, day out. Widowed, she is raising her children to follow Jesus and supporting other Afghan Christians. But she can’t do it alone.

On her own, with no agency to find employment, Khada can’t survive without practical support.

As a secret believer, she depends on the love and prayers of the global Church to keep her faith strong. It’s up to us to help our isolated brothers and sisters.

Support Believers Like Khada

Strengthen what remains

Support the underground Church

We cannot abandon Christians risking everything for faith.

Your gift of $50 could deliver Bibles to believers following Jesus in secret. 

Your gift of $100 could give a year of discipleship training to a new Christian. 

Your gift of $500 could help a secret believer start a small business for long-term financial security.

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“When we chose the path of Christ, we knew it had difficulties…But with strong faith, we persevere.”