By Open Doors 22 September 2022 1 MIN

Bangladesh | Believer’s House Burned Down

When Rafiqul and his family left their house in the morning, they never expected their home to be gone by the time they can back in the afternoon.

As the only Christian family in their Muslim neighbourhood, they have received many threats, as their neighbours have been trying to kick them out of their home and land. Now their house has been burned to ashes.

Rafiqul and his family have been sleeping under the open skies with just a small plastic roof over their heads to shelter them from the rain. No one in their neighbourhood has been willing to help them due to their faith in Jesus. Our local partners have been able to provide them with some food and new clothes, and they are slowly beginning to rebuild their house. Please pray for the family.

Pray For Bangladesh:

  • Pray for God’s provision over Rafiqul and his family.
  • Pray that Rafiqul’s neighbours will come to know Jesus.
  • Praise God for Rafiqul’s steadfast faith in the face of persecution.

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Woman in Bangladesh

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